By Discreet Shipping. I assume you mean Discreet Packaging, which means it get wrapped in a non-descript packaging so someone doesn’t see what you bought and from where.
All orders shipped by DGS- DHL- UPS -FeDEx – Novelties are packaged in 100% discreet packagingwith the return label only stating “Shipping Dept.” There is no indication of what is inside the package. … The return address name on the shipping label is “ShippingDepartment”. Discreet 
Ha, “discreet shipping“! If your order comes from one of the Blue Pills Online Pharmacy distribution centers, there’s a 50/50 chance it will  be discreet. Mine got shipped in a giant brown box with the words “Pipedream Products/Toys” printed in big, and I mean BIG letters on the sides of the box. … So, thanks Blue Pills Online Pharmacy!